Monday, July 20, 2009

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

This past Friday my sister and I went up to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in Willow, NY (right near Woodstock). If you are not familiar with the Farm it is a safe haven for rescued animals that were to be used for slaughter. They have a variety of goats, cows, pigs, hens, ducks, turkeys and the like. This farm and the people that work and run it are amazing!!! Having gone up in the past on a Saturday, my sister and I were not aware that the farm is only open to the public on the weekend. Well being the wonderful people that they are, we were invited to come and socialize with the goats and hang out as the staff went about doing their farm chores. Petting goats is great but my sister and I felt that we needed to help out and when asked we were told that they could use some extra hands cleaning out the barn. Working along side Julie and Amber the barn was cleaned in no time and I never saw such a happy group of goats! It really made us feel good knowing that we did something positive for the animals.

Make sure you check out the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary website - make a donation, take a trip one weekend - and remember - don't harm animals they have feelings and wouldn't harm you.

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