Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yoga Search

So I am still looking for that happy medium when it comes to another yoga studio. Last week I tried World Yoga Center. I thought that I found my alternative yoga studio at last. That was not the case. Now while I do believe I like the vibe there - very organic - I felt the teacher was too much of a comedian. Now while I do think that yoga should not be so serious - I don't think that a joke has to be made at every other move. I didn't feel very challenged in this class. The class size was large - so large that I was literally face to face with my front neighbor as we did cobra pose - hello neighbor. Not a comfortable feeling for either one of us - but yoga is not about comfort all the time is it? Now as I was disappointed with this class it wasn't horrible, it just wasn't for me. Next stop is Yogatonic in Sunnyside Queens - once again I have high hopes - it's what keeps me going.

I want to give a special shot out to Big Spirit Yoga for reading my blog and directing me to perhaps a more challenging class - I am up to the challenge and haven't written you off yet. I think your studio has a lot to offer and I am interested in seeing where it goes.


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  1. Hi Erika, thank you for your well wishes. We urge you, as we do to all yogis attending Big Spirit Yoga, to share your views on making our studio work best for you. After all, we are of service to you as our mission is in providing quality instruction promoting health and happiness in all yogis attending. In fact, your initial comments encouraged us to specify yoga "level" on our website; soon to be included. All the best for productive yoga, Silvana, Big Spirit Yoga Director 41 - 41 49 Street Suite 1F Sunnyside, NY 11104