Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am searching for a new yoga studio to go to during the week. Right now I go to Go Yoga in brooklyn, but am only able to get there on Sunday. So far I have tried two yoga studios and each one of them was ok, but I would not go running back to them. The first was Fierce Club and while the class itself was a great workout - i didn't get a very organic feel to it. It seemed more of a gimmick class and I like my yoga to be simple yet a challenge. The next stop was Big Spirit Yoga in Sunnyside queens. This class was more organic, but yet a bit to slow for my taste and small as it was only me and another student. Now I wouldn't run to this class afterwork but I could see myself going to a class on a Saturday morning. If you want to check out either Fierce Club or Big Spirit Yoga their websites are posted below:



  1. Finding a yoga home is so important! Where do you live in Queens? Mark's grandma lived there - I think in Middle Village.

  2. I live in Long Island City which boarders Greenpoint Brooklyn. I grew up in Queens and am familiar with Middle Village. WOW I am so honored you visited my blog which is random and I work on - on and off. I read yours everyday!!!